I believe in people.
I believe in the power of words and communication to enrich human beings.

The twenty-first century is witnessing unprecedented technological development. Individuals are connected like never before, and they share information and knowledge with ever-increasing frequency and speed. The possibilities for transportation are equally impressive. The international factor is becoming more important in all areas of human activity around the world. For many people, international exchange is already an everyday occurence. When people from diverse groups, organizations, enterprises, institutions and governments meet, distinct challenges to clear communication can arise. Regardless of the purpose of international interaction, one thing is certain – participants will grow in the process. My job is to help you optimize your communication.

Welcome to my web site.
Dr. Lino Santacruz Moctezuma

Santacruz International Communication

SANTACRUZ INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION specializes in project development and implementation and in creating communication strategies. We ensure that your message is precisely communicated – and clearly understood. To this end, we study the communication process in context, and build a project-specific team to explore the best possible solutions. We offer a multinational team of professionals, international communication solutions with clear content, and the highest-quality products and services.

Encounters Magazine

ENCOUNTERS is an online magazine that reflects our philosophy. We understand the world better when we try to understand how the people who inhabit it work, think and feel. In various formats, the people portrayed in ENCOUNTERS show us the places they love or that have meaning for them. Their differences and diverse backgrounds are not as important as the factors that unite them and the things they have in common. Their stories give us food for thought about the world and will hopefully serve as a source of inspiration. We “encounter” these people through texts, images and videos and share interesting ideas and places. Six issues of Encounters magazine were published from March to August 2013.


In OUR WORLD magazine, scientists and experts analyze various phenomena that have emerged in the context of globalization and have shaped our world. Current topics covered in this project invite readers to reflect on situations and developments that will inspire new approaches to human coexistence. Technology, art, society, environment – the magazine explores local, regional and global issues. OUR WORLD shows us how we are all part of this development. Similar to its precursor, Encounters, the magazine is aimed at keeping readers informed and encouraging them to take a deeper look into today’s world. The project is scheduled to launch in October 2013.